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Green Hills Entertainment is about family. Everyone contributes to the wellness of the whole and we are all equal. GHE is meant to entertain through a wide variety of mediums that showcase the talents of everyone involved.

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NEWS and updates


Where to start? Let’s see… I picked up everything from the fair. 3 images hung, but no ribbons. Oh well. :)

Con prep is…..going. Most all the art is complete and the booth is packed. It is always stressful these last couple of weeks before the show. I did sell a painting destined for Con before it even made it there! that was awesome.

The family and I had an amazing trip to Northern California. Going to download and edit the images from Safari West when I can.

I have also made a big step in to the world of leather working! Super excited about this one. I enrolled in a year long master class online to learn as much as I can. I will get pictures up asap.

Beyond that, making some updated to the shopping cart and trying to keep up with Instagram !! Please help us spread the word to everyone you know.


Been a little behind on this, so for that, I apologize. Still waiting to hear from the San Diego County Fair on how we did this year. Everything was dropped off and is in the hands of the judges.

Also, made some updated to the shopping cart. Added some new wildlife images as well as s travel images.

Lastly… make sure you find us on Instagram !! Please spread the word to everyone you know.



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