Becoming a better person

legacy cover.jpg

For me, a new year always brings self evaluation. How can I become a “new me”?

Several years ago, I read a book called “Legacy” by James Kerr. It’s about how the All-Blacks rugby team is so successful and how lessons learned from them can be carried over into so many other things. I have found a lot of inspiration in this book with 2 points in particular becoming mantras for me.

  1. E tāku mōkai, he wā poto noa koe i waenganui i te wā kua hipa me te wā kei tū mai. You are but a speck in the moment of time situated between two eternities, the past and the future. BE A GOOD ANCESTOR -  Plant trees you’ll never see

  2. Waiho mā te tangata e mihi. Let someone else praise your virtues. SWEEP THE SHEDS  - Never be too big to do the small things that need to be done

Part 1 says to me that understand life will go on after you. I am building something that I hope, one day, one or both of my sons can get involved with and eventually take over. I need to lay a foundation that they can build from. This is true not just with GHE, but in Life. As a Father, I have the responsibility to cultivate experiences and opportunities for my children. Green Hills Entertainment is one of those opportunities. It provides an outlet for creativity with no barriers. No not everyone can start a company just help the kids along. So, another thing that we do is an “Experience Fund”. The wife and I made a pact that we won’t have a “Vacation Fund”, but rather an “Experience Fund”. We agreed to use this to get out and see things. While a “vacation” where you just lay around the pool or on a beach is a wonderful thing, there is so much more to experience. Experiences make you a better person. My goal is show the kids that they are a part of something bigger and they will pass that on to generations beyond me.

Part 2 is one of my favorite sayings. “Sweep the Sheds”. Just because you are the boss, you are never too big to the mundane stuff. 

With Green Hills Entertainment, I am there building the booth and tearing down. I am right there with everyone doing heavy lifting and getting dirty. I will pick up trash in the booth one minute and give an on camera interview the next. Regardless of what your job is, we all have equal roles in the well fair of the company. Being in the trenches as a boss breeds respect. As the boss I need to give that respect. Collectively, the mutual respect leads to a healthy and thriving company. 

I took these principles into 2018 and told myself “2018 is going to be a good year for us. 2018 will be a foundation building year.” Green Hills Entertainment took a step forward. We added in some back end business stuff to create a more professional look and a better experience for our guests.

As a result, we did well. It proved to be the biggest year in sales to date. Our booth looked more professional and it helped. Everyone rose to the occasion and the company is better for it.

2019 needs to continue the trend. We will continue to Sweep the Sheds and Be a Good Ancestor.