Hashtags and other fun stuff.

I, like the rest of the known universe, am on Instagram. I, like a lot of people, struggle with it as a marketing tool. As such, I have been reading up on things and listening to various podcasts to try and gain some insight into this. Needless to say, there is a TON of info out there and it all conflicts with everything else. One podcast says “the more hashtags, the better” as it will increase your exposure. Another says “use wisely as too many can dilute a brand”.

This creates quite the conundrum. On the one hand, I have only a handful of followers (about 570) and on the other hand, I want to put a professional foot forward. I understand the idea of “more is better”, but I really begin to question the quality of those impressions and as an extension, followers.

The opportunity here is to set the tone early. Be smart with the tags, engage where I can, and create amazing content, and create a nice brand that people would be willing to get behind. “Quality over Quantity” is the path for me.

The next big topic was the tags themselves. “Which ones do I use?” This one was much more straight forward. Give information about the image and incorporate Second Level tags as well as the “Big” ones.

This is something I really haven’t done much of, but makes a whole lot of sense. The huge tags have millions of impressions. If you are not in the top 6 or so, these tags won’t do you a ton of good. So many people use the tag that you sill quickly be shuffled down the list. The suggestion was to use the second tier tags. I like this idea since the people looking through them are a bit more serious about the specifics of the tag. / subject.

Sooooo, time to implement this whole idea! Fingers crossed!